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This was one of the best examples of that coming to fruition. Though many would take umbrage at his willingness to touch a classic, Miller would eventually win many of his critics over by simply always striving for improvement and knowing what he was talking about. The Divine Feminine found Mac Miller uncharacteristically happy.

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After moving to L. Even in his romantic posture, Miller places himself outside the industry; outside its deathly culture of abuse.


Miguel A booming piece of skittering drums and bursting strings with a dance-y breakdown aimed squarely at the hip-hop that was working on the charts in However, at this point, far removed from the carefree early days of his teens, there are regrets creeping into the hedonism. The song, now painful to listen to, is the best example of how simply and directly he was capable of laying out exactly what he was going through on record. Release Date March 11, Best Day Ever Mac Miller.

Best Day Ever. Get Up.

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Donald Trump. Oy Vey. Wear My Hat. Wake Up.

MAC MILLER – BEST DAY EVER (Rap/HipHop – US) – umstrum||music

All Around The World. Down The Rabbit Hole.

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Some have impacted me more than others. At a minimum, I'll devote a day of listening to their music to pay homage to the gift they gave the world. In the case of Mac Miller, it's been a lot deeper than that.

As an avid year old hip hop fan, Mac Miller isn't supposed to be my favorite rapper. I've been blessed to have my life coincide with with evolution of rap as a genre. My middle school consisted of Dr.

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For most of my friends, the golden era of hip hop ended years ago. I'd heard of Mac Miller but had always disregarded him as a backpack teeny bop rapper that was too past my era to care about. Within seconds of hearing the album's first song, "The Star Room," I knew I had stumbled onto something special. I became obsessed with the album and jumped at the opportunity to see him tour with Action Bronson at the Palladium in Hollywood.

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I started to dig deeper into his discography and while I still struggle to get on board with his early stuff when he was literally like 15 years old like "The Jukebox", "K. Now fully on board the Mac Miller train, I quickly started pushing him on my friends - with mixed results.

30 of the Best Mac Miller Songs

My high school crew could acknowledge his talent but stopped obsessing over music years ago. My younger friends I'd made through Kid Dangerous were lukewarm on him as well.

It wasn't really "cool" to like Mac Miller. With so many other dynamic personalities in hip hop like ASAP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, Odd Future and the entire mumble rap genre, most current hop hop fans wrote him off too. On his track "Here We Go" on the mixtape, "Faces", he summed it best:. I'm underrated, don't fit on nobody's playlist.

Mac Miller - Day One (A Song About Nothing)

If I ain't on your top 10 then you're a racist. As an artist, Mac Miller was in a unique place.

mac miller playlist best day ever Mac miller playlist best day ever
mac miller playlist best day ever Mac miller playlist best day ever
mac miller playlist best day ever Mac miller playlist best day ever
mac miller playlist best day ever Mac miller playlist best day ever
mac miller playlist best day ever Mac miller playlist best day ever

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