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The taste of the Banh Cuon will be improved if some drops of mangdana essence are added to the sauce. You can easily spot roadside vendors selling Banh Cuon all over Hanoi, but these addresses are good alternatives:. This simple dish includes crispy fried fish, white soft vermicelli with the aroma of special broth.

When enjoying this dish, you will see the bowl of Bun Ca Cay as a colorful picture with the green color of the petiole of Indian taro, the red of chili sauce with tomatoes, and the yellow of fried fish. Moreover, you will feel the sweet taste of the bone, crispy of fried fish, the spicy hot of the chili and the cool taste of vegetables at the same time, which will give you a special experience of taste.

Cha La La Vong is one of the famous brands of cuisine in Hanoi. This dish is highly appreciated by its taste on one side but carries the culture of the old quarter on another side, the sophistication, skillfulness of Hanoians. Cha Ca La Vong is a marinated fish dish, grilled on charcoal and then fried in fat pans. The secret of the recipes is kept by the Doan family at Old Quarter.

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Cha Ca Thang Long Address: Ninh Binh not only attracts tourists by owning a lot of beautiful natural sceneries but also captivates the soul of food lovers with a diverse menu of mountain goat meat. Ninh Binh goat meat is more delicious than ones from other regions because Ninh Binh goats are raised on rocky mountains. Ninh Binh people have the secret recipes to turn the goat dish into a famous specialty. Luong Thuong Restaurant Address: Thit De Khanh Thom Address: Banh mi Hoi An is known as the best sandwich in the world and also the street food that tourists want to enjoy the most when coming to Hoi An ancient town.

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When eating Banh Mi Hoi An, eaters will be satisfied with all 5 senses: The crispy baguette filled with savory pieces of roast pork, greasy pate, salted shredded meat, a few herbs and exclusive sauces. Banh Mi Phuong Address: Banh Mi Madam Khanh Address: This dish is very popular in Phu Yen, Saigon and many other central coastal provinces … Although it is a very simple dish, Banh Canh He is loved by many people, including the foreign visitors.

The main ingredient of the soup bowl is fish cakes, which is usually made from fish in Phu Yen sea, such as sardines, barracuda, sailfish … Especially, the soup broth used in Banh Canh He dish is not from the bone but must be cooked from fresh fish.

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Therefore, Banh Canh He broth will have the naturally sweet taste of fish without fat. Fresh fish cakes, rice noodles, quail eggs and chopped chives mixed together with a bowl of broth will give your taste a wonderful flavor. Co Mai Phu Yen Address: The noodles must be made with the water from one of the closely guarded ancient Cham wells hidden throughout Hoi An.

Another special feature of Cao Lau is the yellow noodles, which are mixed with the Cham ash wood, which is taken from Cham island. Thanh Cao Lau Address: As a famous dish of Central Vietnam, Banh Canh Ca Loc has the sweet taste of fish, the softness of mixed rice noodles, which creates a satisfying taste of almost all people who have tried this dish. The most common way to cook Banh Canh Ca Loc is seasoning the snakehead fish with marinade and grinding the fishbone out for broth used.

The aromatic noodles, the tender fish, the spicy special scallions, and the hot pepper make the visitors once eat will never forget the taste of Banh Canh Ca Loc.

Đủ món ngon hấp dẫn khách du lịch ở chợ Cồn Đà Nẵng

Tam Ky chicken rice dish has a lot of eye-catching colors: The yellow chicken, the red chili, the green papaya and leafy vegetables, which are all local produce. Com Ga Nguyet Address: Com Ga Long Address: It is cut up into strips and tossed with a delectable mixture of ingredients that commonly consist of: The results are a spicy, tangy combination with an enormous array of textures. This dish is almost exclusively sold on the streets and has the ability to conquer the taste buds of any tourist.

Lau Ca Keo is a folk dish with the delicious typical taste of Southern Vietnamese cuisine. Fresh ground dragon fish is put directly into the pot without being fishy in order to make the broth sweeter. Lau Ca Keo has a sour taste of the River Leaf- an interesting taste. It is served with banana flowers, bitter vegetables, bean sprouts, spinach. When eating Lau Ca Keo, eaters can dip the fish into tamarind sauce to get the best taste.

Mua Rung Restaurant Address: Sai Gon street is a culinary paradise with a variety of street food from restaurants to snacks which are sold along the road. The pie makers use their hands or molds to make the boiled maniocs into a round pie, then bake it on a charcoal stove. Banh Khoai Mi Nuong should be baked slowly with a warm fire in order to get the golden crust and the greasy inner part. After tasting a piece of Banh Khoai Mi Nuong, visitors will feel the simplicity but delicious from the Southern street food. Banh Khoai Mi Nuong is very popular in Saigon. Banh Khoai Mi Nuong Address: In the past, the Southern Vietnamese farmers were too needy so they thought of eating burnt rice with stewed fish sauce for savings.

However, recently, Com Chay Kho Quet has become a dish that visitors everywhere love to eat because of its specific flavor. The right taste of Com Chay Kho Quet must have a crisp, aromatic smell of new rice and a salty, sweet taste of the stewed fish sauce. When eating, you have to break the burnt rice to pieces, then dip them into the stewed fish sauce.

Vietnamese Food – 25 Must-try Dishes with Pictures

The crispy burnt rice pieces blended with the savory flavor of the stewed fish sauce can stimulate the taste of anyone. Gao Restaurant Address: Com Chay Kho Quet Address: After the preliminary processing, a few peanuts will be added into the coconut worms, then roll them over a mixture of flour, eggs, a little pepper, and salt. The deep- fried coconut worms have a very juicy and greasy flavor, which make the eaters become excited in taste.

Stop Restaurant Address: Duong Dua Restaurant Address: Since ancient times, the Western Vietnamese people have created many delicious river-folk dishes to treat the soulmates and friends like grilled catfish or grilled chicken in clay. The dish is stand-out with the crispy but soft fried fish, the fresh vegetables, and vermicelli.

In order to add more flavor, it is indispensable to add garlic and chili sauce, which let you feel the essence of rustic dishes of the people lived in the Mekong Delta. Huong Sen Restaurant Address: Lotus seeds are selected, then mixed with the rice and sesame salt, and wrapped in lotus leaves to steam. The rice wrapped in lotus leaves has an impressive taste of lotus seeds, precious rice and black sesame salt with a subtle aroma of lotus.

Xeo Quyt Restaurant Address: One of the most familiar tropical fruits to the Western provinces of Vietnam is grapefruit or pomelo. Pomelo after being peeled and split will be mixed with shrimp, meat, fish sauce and other special spices of Western Vietnam.

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banh trang tron mac nhat sai gon Banh trang tron mac nhat sai gon
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