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XX is Beyond the Sword. This also applies to the Mac version, although there are a sizable difference in the amount of patches for the Mac version due to it being released after the PC version thus the released version usually is already patched with much of the previous patches. For convenience, and because the patches are automated in telling if they are required or not and should install over any previous patch, the last patch for each expansion is: Civilization 4 1.

WineHQ - Sid Meier's Civilization IV Complete

To check the patch number you have go to the main menu and select "About". The low resolution movies files are also included, which can help performance when playing movies on older hardware. In addition to official and beta patches, a file is required from the Beyond the Sword version of the game for vanilla ie: those with only Civilization 4 installed or Warlords to play with those using Beyond the Sword, due to a patching error by Firaxis.

All patch notes that were found around the web although incomplete, please contact us if you can provide further in depth information. I could use some help from someone who has intact registry entries for beyond the sword. Since I am lazy and do not like installing, patching, cracking civ and its expansions over and over again I have been copying the game data around. This also allows me to use the same game data for windows and wine testing in ubuntu and not have to install civ through wine.

I have now, however, discovered a downside to this strategy.

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I am trying to install the 3. I don't have the registry entry specifying where beyond the sword is installed. This causes me to get this error. The setup has detected that no version of Sid Meier's Civilization 4 - Beyond the Sword is installed. This update requires that a previous version of the application be installed. If someone who has the intact registry entry s could tell me what it looks like it would save me considerable time reinstalling all of this.

If you have easy windows access then I would recommend getting civ installed, updated and cracked in windows before touching wine. This way nothing will go wrong with the install process which i have never tried with wine so cannot speak to. Once you have a fully installed ready to use civ directory i would follow the instructions on the wine appdb.

In my opinion this is the easiest way. As for how well your computer will run civ under wine. The short answer is worse than in windows. I run xp soley for the purpose of playing civ. I have a thinkpad x61 with intel x graphics card 2. The killer for me is my graphics card. Civ works in wine on mycomp but it is too slow to be playable.

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It plays fine in xp without even needing to turn settings down. Well first off I think it would be wonderful to have something resembling civiv native to linux.

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Unfortunately anything that is native to linux im pretty sure would necessarily not be a mod actually i could be wrong here and I bet there is a way to make it not run into legal trouble which is the real issue. I believe civ uses alot of python and xml but to my knowledge the real problem is that the graphics are all dependent on directx which is windows proprietary.

It would all need to be transfered over to opengl. All of this really gets over my head I don't realy know what it would take to make a civ linux port. I do know that firaxis does not appear to have any interest in this. They did not even release Beyond the Sword for mac. There is nobody to my knowledge attempting this. The closest I have seen is freeciv which is a quite wonderful rendition of civII which actually at this point has expanded beyond the original game. I would love something that would do all the computations of civiv.

For me the graphics nonimportant. If you trying to really get civiv in linux wine is by far the closest you can get at this point.

You could look into helping them out. Some apps run better in wine than windows this is at least theoretically possible in wine. Basically i think the best place to put your work if you want civ in linux is wine. It develops pretty incredibly fast.

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I have BTS working just about perfect from trial and error I'm making a quick howto to help those who have had issues. Starting from a clean wine install First of all download winetricks this makes the process so much easier. Once cabextract is installed lets run winetricks. It all works lets move onto Warlords. It it all works lets move onto Beyond the Sword. If the install freezes at updating directx then install directx updates manually by running setup. This looks like a great howto I have not had time to try it out. I was wondering if you had done any comparisons with how civ performs from your howto in comparison to on windows xp preferably for me.

Also what are your system specs. I have had great luck getting civ BTS to work through wine but the performance is much decreesed from in xp. This is a bummer because its the only reason keeping windows on my machine. My computer is a thinkpad x61 with core2duo 2. Also it would be good to know what version of wine you have installed. Thanks for posting that. Ok so here is a question.

There are a bunch of differing accounts of what to install with winetricks both from this thread and from the tests on appdb. Most people can get BTS to work now its performance I am looking for. I plan to do some experiments with various things installed and not but its exam times so it may take me a while. My question is what things did you install with winetricks that improved BTS 3. I have BTS installed via Wine and it runs perfectly except for one big issue apart from the animated cursors, etc : My keyboard won't work.

Civilization 4 1.74 no cd patch please!!!!

Does anyone know how I can fix that? I'm using the 3. You really don't need winetricks at all. Biggest hamper of all I have when i added some Direct3D -settings, they only made the performance worse. Here's some howtos I made: Short story: 1. Install Civ4 step 1 prevents asking about directx 3.

Sid Meier's Civilization IV

Install Warlords expansion 4. Copy mscoree. Install Beyond the Sword -expansion will update both the vanilla and warlords. Update to Beyond the Sword to version 3.

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