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You may want to create and edit your images on Mac but don't want to pay for any money. Actually, there are many free Mac photo editors provided but find some really good ones can be hard. Here we list the top 5 free photo editing software for Mac for your reference and hope you can enjoy Mac photo editing with them. Make a comparison and choose the one you like according to your photo editing needs.

You may have known how to use the intuitive photo editing tool Photos built in on MacOS to edit photos on Mac like a pro. Use Photos app, you can adjust the light, color, sharpness, add filters or crop and remove unwanted part. Besides, you can also use the Auto button to adjust in details.

But with the third-party software, you can enhance your photos on Mac further. Thus, we recommend you to try the following free photo editors on Mac. It is a beta software developed by volunteers, so software updates and stability may be a problem. But many users reflect that the software comes with no big problems and they enjoy using it.

Photos is a photo management and editing app developed by Apple Inc. Its great characteristics are simplicity and ease of use.

Even its name is a beautiful and direct indicator of its usage. This app has several easy-to-use editing tools, such as filters and Smart Sliders. In addition, it has the Markup tool, which can add text, shapes, and create sketches and signatures. Other extra tools include Light, used to reveal hidden details; and Revert, used to compare with the original version. However, where Photos surpasses all other Mac photo editing software is in its integration with iCloud Photo Library.

This excellent facility allows users to fill in their libraries, and not their devices.

Retouch portraits

This integration works in such a way that for example, a photo taken by an iPhone is immediately available on other devices. As an organizer, Photos uses moments, which can be used to create collections and years. Moments are combinations of time and location metadata attached to the photo.

Moreover, features such as face recognition, allow users to create groups by a person, and many more. The editing and organizing abilities are wonderfully complemented by themes, which enable users to create calendars, photo books, and other creations. The app also includes tools for professional quality printings.

On the downside, many Apple fans have criticized the absence of some features, which were available in the previous iPhoto and Aperture. Definitely, Photos must be included among the best photo editing software for Mac. Luminar is an all-in-one photo editor with excellent RAW editing capabilities. It is aimed at both beginners and professionals alike, thanks to its intuitive and customizable interface that has something for everyone.

Other than providing advanced image editing tools like noise reduction and selective adjustments, Luminar contains 45 filters that are all geared to achieve professional-quality images in a single click.

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These are paired with over 60 presets that can each be used as a base on top of which users can make their own adjustments. Luminar is also very quick at what it does, up to 6 times faster than other image editors of its calibre. As a result, Luminar is quickly becoming the preferred image editor for photographers at various levels of expertise. It is especially recommended if you are new to the world of photo editing and need something that lets you get to grips with advanced editing tools and allows you to take your editing to the next level when you are ready.

Fotor Online Photo Editor is packed with features that make creating beautiful images as easy as executing a few clicks on your computer. The Photos app has a good auto-enhance tool, a crop tool, basic image editing, and filter support. Plus, it has a familiar user interface. Pixlr X runs smoothly on any modern web browser. You can crop, resize, add filters, and easily remove the background from any image. There are a couple of tools for adjusting the visual elements of the picture and you can add text and doodle over images. If you have a stock image, you can use Pixlr X to quickly create a poster or flyer as well.

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A fully-featured photo editing suite will help improve the quality of your work. Lightroom is the default photo editor for professional photographers. Other than the stellar photo editing features, it also has a simple yet robust image organization feature. And this is why a lot of professionals stick with Lightroom.

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You can skim through thousands of RAW files, mark the important photos, move them to a different directory, edit them in a particular style, save that style as a preset, go back and apply it to other photos, and then finally export the images in multiple formats. Photoshop is a different kind of photo editor. Photoshop is designed specifically for image manipulation and enhancement.

Photoshop is famous for its advanced selection tools, complex layer system, and infinitely customizable brushes. You can use Lightroom to bring out all of the details from a RAW image file or to enhance an image aesthetically to fix colors and saturation levels. Photoshop is a massive, complex application with over two decades of consistent updates.

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It has way too many features, but once you master the basics, Photoshop gives you the tools to turn your imagination into reality. Using Photoshop, you can merge multiple images together, completely change the color palette of an image, and fix parts of an image to make them better particularly portraits.

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You can think of Affinity Photo as a lightweight version of Photoshop. It has the most common features from Photoshop like the advanced selection tools, brushes, and layer support. Affinity Photo is also much faster than Photoshop, especially on Macs without a dedicated graphics card. Pixelmator Pro is a mix of Lightroom, Photoshop, and Illustrator. It has basic features from all three apps.

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