Cannot access shared folder on windows 7 from mac

File Sharing Between MAC OS X and Windows 7

This functionality is particularly useful if you frequently work on a PC and need to copy files occasionally to the Mac in order to backup automatically using Time Machine. This tutorial some of the basic ways to setup sharing between your Mac and a PC.

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The steps you need to follow are detailed below. The first thing to do is to create a new user account on your Mac that will be used for sharing only i. This is the account that your PC will use when it connects to the Mac.

How To Share Files & Folders Between the Mac and PC -

A new drop-down window appears with various fields that you need to complete. In the New Account field, select the drop-down menu and choose Sharing Only. For example, suppose you normally login to Windows as pc-admin , then the new account name on the Mac should also be called pc-admin. The next stage is to enable and configure sharing on the Mac, which is normally turned off by default. Tick the checkbox labelled File Sharing. Next, hit OK to continue.

By default, normally only your public folder is shared with read-only permissions. The Sharing window should now look like shown below. Next, you need to assign the new sharing-only user with the appropriate file permissions in order to be able to read and write to the shared folder. It should clearly be shown as shared, and the permissions at the bottom should indicate which users have access to it. Open the folders as normal by double-clicking, after which you can drag and drop files and other folders onto your Mac.

Here, you can add the appropriate permissions for your main Mac account, and apply those permission to all sub-folders and files. Alternatively, if you set your main PC login and user name to be exactly the same as your main Mac account, there may not be any permissions issues.

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Oh, the joys of sharing files!!! Sharing folders on your PC with a Mac is just as easy as in the previous examples. This section explains what you need to do on your PC and Mac. Note that this applies Windows 7 only , but the process is fairly similar for other versions of Windows. Open Windows Explorer and click on the folder or drive that you want to share. Both methods eventually brings you to the same screen. Make sure the Share this folder checkbox is ticked.

Next, hit the Permissions button.

Set up sharing on the Mac

Another window appears prompting you to select which volume to mount from the list. Choose the desired destination and hit OK. Simply double-click the folder to open and start using it as normal! An alternative method to connect to your PC is to open the Network folder on your Mac. You should then see a list of all shared machines on your local network.

As shown below, my PC pops up on the list as expected. Cheeky Apple! Previous Next Sort by votes. May 26, 61 0 18, 0. I have a computer on the wired network that is running Windows 7 Ultimate x I right clicked on a drive and clicked "Properties". I then clicked the "Sharing" tag and then the "Advanced Sharing" button. I checked off the "Share this folder" box. I clicked the "Permissions" button and the only option for the Group was "Everyone".

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  7. All three boxes under "Allow" are checked off. I have turned off password protected file sharing. All the other computers can see this shared drive but when they click on it they are told they either need a password or do not have permission to view the folder. I've tried accessing it with XP, Vista, and 7. All the other computers can view, upload, delete, etc to my Public folder. Any ideas? Saga Lout Olde English Moderator.

    Connect to a Shared Drive or Network Folder

    Mar 31, 21, 53 73, 1, Catsrules Distinguished. Dec 6, 0 19, What is the NTFS permissions set to? If you have the same User names and passwords on each of the computers, I believe you can just give those accounts access and it automatic will log you in to the remote computers. But those accounts need to have local access to the files your want shared as well as sharing access.

    Feb 11, 13 0 18, 1. I had problems connecting my xbox until I updated XBMC, so try updating your xp computers and fallow the link above. If you wan't to connect a mac have fun, it's a pain but is possible, you just need to manually connect to the shared files everytime. Guest Guest. You said all 3 boxes are unchecked with Everyone this mean if Everyone is the only one in the list, that no one has access automatically. If you want to make it available for your other PC's you will need to add an account to the list for example your own, only risk involved here is that you will have to allow your user's password to travel on the network.

    Jan 21, 1 0 10, 0. The problem is only with Windows7, on windows xp its working.. Please give me a solution. Nunnas22 Honorable. May 17, 2 0 10, 0. Did anyone get a solution to this problem? I now exactly the same issue. I have been sharing folders on XP boxes for 7 years or more. Have recently upgrade to W7 64bit and now get permission issues.

    I have 4 PCs set up the same.

    How To Connect To A Windows Shared Folder On A Mac

    One did but has started not working this week In all cases I am trying access the share folders on macs. Really frustrating so any help very much appreciated. Rek Aviles Honorable. Aug 28, 1 0 10, 0. Hope this helps. DerekVGH Honorable. Jul 23, 84 0 10, Be sure that your Windows 7 computer is not in a Homegroup, as Windows will limit sharing on non-public folders to only machines that are members of the Homegroup.

    If your network connection type is set to Home, then you will use the Homegroup settings unless you go to the Advanced Networking Properties and change from "Allow Windows to Manage Homegroup Connections" to " Use user accounts and passwords to connect to other computers". Alternately, you can change your network connection type from Home to Work, which will bypass the Homegroup settings and allow you to share folders with non-homegroup connected machines.

    Note that these settings are different for Home and Work networks, Public networks and Domain networks. Be sure to choose the proper settings in the network profile that applies to your network. Oct 9, 1 0 10, 0.

    cannot access shared folder on windows 7 from mac Cannot access shared folder on windows 7 from mac
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