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Could it be something with the laptop? Can you see your network router from the laptop? Is your router broadcasting its SSID? Has the laptop ever been able to connect to your network before? Which version of Windows is running on the laptop?

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Are you using Windows to manage your wireless networks or the utility that came with the network adapter? Which wireless network adapter is on the laptop? Thanks for responding Steve. To answer you questions: Yes the laptop can see the router from the list of wireless networks seen in my neighborhood. In fact is shows a very strong connection.

And it is broadcasting the SSID. It actually connects to a very weak open network from my neighbor across the street. I've used Linksys software to do the connection, I've never tried Windows to manage the connections. I've checked the MAC address filtering. The Linksys network manager does show the laptop with the correct MAC address. It did connect wirelessly when I first got the router, but it was intermittent. This is accomplished very simply by holding in the reset button on your AirPort Express while plugging it in.

Continue to hold the reset button until you see the yellow light flash green four times. This may take longer than the time recommended in the referenced instructions. Release the Reset Button and allow the unit a few seconds to cycle. Select the AX. The status light on the AX should flash. Click Configure, and choose the AirPort tab on the new window. Under the Base Station heading chose a name. This name will show up in the 'Select Base Station' window once your configuration is complete. Contact and Location are optional, and may be left blank.

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Click on Change Wireless Security. Select bit WEP in the pulldown menu. Re-enter the hexadecimal password in the Verify box. Change to Channel In the MAC Address window, type in the number you recorded, as instructed above.

Choose from several Linksys router installation and configuration options

Many people have had success using the DHCP option, however, a manual configuration is often used to overcome some networking anomalies. This name will show up in an iTunes pulldown menu once your configuration is complete. Click Update and load your new configuration into your AX.

Unplug your AX from the power, and move it to the remote location you have selected for extending your network. Plug it in to a wall outlet and after the AX resets it should display a solid Green light. If you're using your extended network to distribute iTunes to remote speakers there are two additional steps to perform. You'll need to use an adapter cable to feed the mini jack out on your AX into your stereo or powered speakers. Launch iTunes and look in the lower right of the resulting window. There should now be a pulldown menu that offers you a choice of music destinations, either Computer, or the name you entered for your remote speakers.

How Do I Find My MAC Address?

Select the remote speakers, and iTunes should stream to those speakers. This User Contributed Tip could not have been written without the extensive efforts of Pete May who did most of the research required to create this tip and deserves all of the thanks. Thanks also to Henry B. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.

How to Configure a Linksys Router

Can this work with WPA "personal"? This procedure works with no encryption and also, with the more recent firmware from both Linksys and Apple, WPA Personal. All the factory resetting, disabling firewalls, and rebooting your computer?! None of this is necessary for this to work.

Also, it's not neuroscience; if you feel like it, feel free to experiment.

The key points are: 1. Does anyone have any suggestions, at all? Thanks for any help in advance.

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  5. Linksys should have a mac setup cd for their products.. I have a very old Linksys router, model BEFW11S4, which has been stalwartly providing me with a wireless network for many years. I recently changed my network to use WAP security on the advice of Linksys support ; but it seems now that my wireless network drops a lot more frequently than it used to.

    I can usually re-establish the network by unplugging the router, resetting the cable modem, and then plugging the router back in — but why does the network keep dropping? Is there something I can change in the router configuration to keep my network from vanishing so often? I had my router already set up but with no password on the WiFi but a password on the router , and I had to use the router password.

    We just bought an iMac. Had it connected directly to our DSL modem and work perfectly.

    follow link

    Guide to setting up WDS on the WRT54G/WRT54GS

    I am know trying to set up a wireless Internet connection. I have done everything everyone has suggested probably something wrong but still no internet. I can access the router linksys WRT but I can not figure out from there. I have tried to clone my Mac address, etc. Please help out a first time Mac owner. Garrick: Your advice was helpful. I was able to set up my printer and computer on Linksys, thanks in large part to you.

    If possible, I would appreciate assistance with the following: For years, without incident, we have had a wireless network at home using a Linksys WRT54G router, which seems to be a very common router. Now, however, for the first time, I am having wireless problems that preclude me from working wirelessly.

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    6. The router seems to work fine. I have followed online advice and reset it using an iMac It sends the wireless signal to the iMac, shows excellent signal strength, and connects wirelessly.

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