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If your Android device is a tablet, this option will say About Tablet instead. On certain newer devices such as the Moto G5, this option is found by first scrolling to tap System then scrolling again to find it.

It's near the top of the screen. The MAC address is a 12 character code that contains numbers and letters and is grouped in pairs separated by colons e. After that, open it and enter the MAC address you want to copy, then restart your phone. Yes No. Not Helpful 4 Helpful 3. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Related wikiHows. Article Summary X 1.

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Samsung Galaxy S8: How to Find Wi-Fi MAC Address

Is this article up to date? Cookies make wikiHow better. Title says it all. From what I understand the issue is present in devices whose MAC address begins with C, as mine does, and after every reboot the last 6 values will change. Just curious as to how many others are out there with the same issue.

It would be interesting to know if it only affects the aforementioned C devices or if others are included as well.

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Also, to anyone that is aware of the issue, is it a SW or HW issue? I'm curious because if it is indeed HW related as I think it may be I need to exchange my Nexus soon. If it is indeed SW related though I'm fine waiting for a fix.

Android 7.0 Behavior Changes

Not sure about my network admins though lol. Like 0. Read your link. Is this an issue a replacement can fix? Someone mentioned it's only with devices starting with a certain Mac address. Originally Posted by CynicX.

inSSIDer for Home gives you visibility into your Wi-Fi environment.

No issues until last Thursday Jan 19th. My phone now had an address starting with c. Even reverted to factory 4.

Get gateway ip address in android - Stack Overflow

There was kernel code identified that will randomize a MAC address, but I don't know why it isn't affecting everyone, or if it a certain MAC address block range serial , or? Very annoying. I'm not sure if it is hardware or software, but personally I am leaning towards software given the kernel code that I've seen posted. Like 3. I responded NO to the poll, but then realized your poll question is specifically about the Galaxy Nexus.

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  6. I've been using MAC address security filtering in my routers for years, and have all of my known wired and wireless device MAC codes recorded, and have never experienced any device that changed its own hardware MAC code, but I don't own a Galaxy Nexus, yet. My apologies for giving a bogus NO response. MAC address filtering doesn't really qualify as a security measure. MACs are not necessarily unique, default address ranges are used on a per-brand basis, and they are reassignable and readily spoofable in many cases.

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    The solution here seems to be, in my eyes, stop kidding yourselves and using MAC filtering on your routers. Yes, I. I had this problem with the first Nexus I got Got mine replaced at the Verizon store under the 30 day window. He even posted a code snippet from the Google image. I dont know if it was financial decision or technical.

    Android 9.0 Pie: Everything you need to know

    Originally Posted by CrazyRussian Has anyone developing kernels fixed or created a workaround for this? Google doesn't care, so it is up to the dev community to fix it, but as far as I know, no developer has encountered this on his or her phone.

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    Otherwise it would be fixed. Originally Posted by daitsuwamono. Petronel Laviniu Malutan. You will not get at all a connection to the router wo a known mac, then you will have to input a password I would like to know how to fix it

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