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2054A Thermal Shipping Label Printer

MaryMary Registered. However, you will experience a epl2 warning. I am taking my today to some friends that are pretty good with software to see if they can create some work around for me. If we can figure out anything I will let you know. I used the trial version of NRGSoft and I personally did not like it as it could not recognize two of my customer's addresses.

That is almost the price of a cheap windows laptop that will do the work for free.

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I am using Parallels which I think is a good financial investment. The problem I am running into is that Parallels is not recognizing this device. It recognizes all other USB devices except this This weekend I found a fix with VMware. I am using their trial. Parallels did not recognize the Zebra LP when I connected it. However, it recognized all other USB devices The only thing is I also use Endicia there may be a driver conflict from the two operating systems Endicia still prints well in OSX. VMware recognized the Zebra and the labels print perfect.

Originally we uninstalled Endicia to troubleshoot so there was no conflict of interest.

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VMware printed the UPS labels flawlessly without having to print the test page. We worked on this all day and got tired of troubleshooting this issue. For now I am wasting a label before every print job. This sucks but it is the only work around I have found.

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I don't know if that helps you or not. Good luck. Last edited: Nov 16, Mary Mary, I have been trying to figure out this issue with VMWare and trying to find a work around in order to use the thermal printer with fedex and ups. Does anyone know a new way of doing this since this thread is 2 years old? Okay, whatever the others are talking about they arent addressing the issue.

Your computer is using the incorrect driver for the printer itself, its probably using a default that obviously isnt working. This way when you print go into your presets and select the one you saved. Lunakov Registered. I just got a Zebra and have begun to experiment under I can get it to print using the built in Apple elp2 driver, but the quality is poor from a jpeg.

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I have no problem with the image fitting to size from a jpeg on my desktop using preview. You need to make a custom page size in your print dialogue box when you go to print, "paper size" select other and enter in the 4" width and a 6" length. TIP, only install the printer driver once you have labels in the machine! I do not use endecia or anything like that to print my labels.

And don't plan to. I just printed a USPS sample from the paypal web site using a recent label reprint. The quality is much better seems like it would be acceptable but I seem to be having a formatting issue now as the other poster mentioned, I need to get it to print the correct scale from the Java window. It seems to think the default paper size is 8.

Zebra Zp 450 Thermal Label Printer overview USB/Serial for U-P-S Worldship Labels Only

ANy help here would be appreciated. I will mess with it some more.

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Looks like it could work if I can get the paper size thing worked out. Discover New Mac Apps. Mac Update.

Promo Desktop Apps for you Blog. Sign in with Facebook or. Sign in now Forgot password? Create new account. UPS shipping tool. Version 2. Fixes for SurePost rating. Related Links. Similar Software. Featured Remote UPS free downloads and reviews.

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All you need to know about child user accounts on Windows User Guides. Ups Monitoring Software, free ups monitoring software software downloads, Page 3. Posted in Uncategorized.

ups worldship download mac os x Ups worldship download mac os x
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ups worldship download mac os x Ups worldship download mac os x
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Ups worldship download mac os x

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